Show support for your local coffee and tea shop with this Limited Edition "I Drink Periodically." Shirt!

Only available for a limited time proceeds will be donated to a develop a medical center in Hondorus.  

With the purchase of one of our (amazing) T-Shirts you will help the community of Alda La Peña in Santa Barbara (Honduras).
We'll provide directly 10$ for each T-Shirt sold to this community to buy equipment and everything necessary for medical assistance (currently non-existent).

After your donation we'll guarantee that all the proceeds will be used to fund the medical center.
We'll furthermore help this little, but caring, small town with every trip there with the Three Coffee Guys

WHy Are we doing it?

"We believe that, expecially in this difficult moment, it's very important to stick together. We decided to raise money for this community because they're very close to our heart and genuinely need our help."

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